Lee Circle Statue Historic Restoration


Meeting at the intersection of St. Charles Avenue, Howard Avenue, and Andrew Higgins Boulevard, the Lee Circle monument was erected and dedicated to Confederate General Robert E. Lee on February 22, 1884. The Tennessee marble pedestal, which is still present today, stands 60 feet tall with a base extending 12 feet under the ground and 12 feet of granite steps. The statue of Lee, which was designed by New York artist Alexander Doyle and cast in full bronze, added an additional 16 and a half feet to the height of the commanding public monument, plus an 8-foot base to anchor it to the top of the pedestal. The statue itself weighed approximately 3 tons.

As the Architect of Record and Project Manager, Pascal Architects cleaned and restored the circle foundation and monument successfully without interrupting the daily traffic of one of the city’s most traveled intersections.

Project details

  • Categories: Historic restoration and preservation
    Project management
  • Team: P. Mark Culotta
  • Date:
  • Budget: $300,000
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